How Apple makes money

November 29, 2010 at 11:11 PMalex

Today, my iPhone 4 rejected voice mail password with the modal messagebox asking for a new password. After trying to reset password using AT&T web-site, I called AT&T support and guy asked me to turn off the device. But, the problem was, that I couldn't! Crappy iPhone was showing the power off slider behind the reset password message box. Ok, then, calling Apple support. The guy, apparently from India who was constantly asking me to repeat everything I was saying and saying that I'm cutting off (Apple, please invest some penny into reliable VoIP!). Oh, well, then, the guy continues with even more interesting stuff. He started to tell me that I can choice from one of the following - either buy 29.99 for one-accident support, or 79.99 for two-year support. Guys, I couldn't understand why I have to pay something to Steve Jobs for the problem with his device I counldn't workaround. After some thinking on another end, guy offered me an exception and one-time support without charge. Cool. How to reset the device without power slider? Easy, press both, power button on the top and one button for 10 seconds and device will reset. That was easy. Why I have to pay for that 30 bucks? Just another prove of the crappiness of some companies.

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Hybrid-cloud discussions

November 15, 2010 at 5:39 PMalex

Really interesting hybrid-cloud discission by IBM CTO Jerry Cuomo:




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